Your Voice - a perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Do you truly remember what they sounded like?

Capture their unique sound with playable art - scroll for more

Valentine, Proposal, Wedding Vows

It only takes a few seconds to record a message they'll love

Sound Shadow of Baby's Heart Beat

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Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Iconic brand - Iconic Sound

Humpback Whale Song

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A Sound Shadow

A fetal heartbeat, a toddler's first words, favorite quotes, and wedding vows are just a few examples we've transformed into a new form of physical sound art you can play.

We analyze your sound and extract not just how loudly it played, the waveform image most people would recognize, but also its structure and detail - its distinctive sound signature. This makes us unique. Words are captured exactly as they were pronounced, showing a speaker's (or barker's) individual voice features, which they inherited from their parents. Music pieces show each note and how it propagates through the air.

You can purchase a wall art version of your sound, or a bracelet. Each can be played by pointing a smart phone camera at a simple tag, recalling not just the audio, but a detailed animation of the spectrum analysis process. You'll love knowing your sound's unique print is a one-of-a-kind accent piece that you can play when you wish.

Preserve sound, beautifully.

Preserve a voice or sound you love as personalized visual art.

Capture a Memory


Love our SS art!!!! I plan on future purchases with the kids and grandparents recording “I love you”... - Angela E.

Author's name

Here's the deal, amazing product idea and finished art. Did an entire song on a 4-foot canvas and it's fantastic to 'see' what a song sounds like: you'll stare at it while you listen. The best.

Todd D.

I can’t get over how awesome these are and happy they are going to make my mother and husband! Thank you thank you thank you!

Missy S.

It is a beautiful reminder of him.  I love it. Thank you so very much.

Amie M.

I really love this. It’s like a signals geek and an artist had a baby and a sound shadow was born!

Cindy J.

It is rare for such a unique and interesting concept like this to come to market.

Todd L.


Ray (Our first Sound Shadow Pilot!)

The Sound Shadow Process

See voice print details emerge into art.

Perfect Gift for a Musician

Their music, transformed into art.

What is a Sound Shadow?

Learn more about sound as art!

playing a Sound shadow

Scan the Tag with Your Phone

Most Sound Shadows come with a Tag. Scan the tag with your smart phone or tablet to play your sound.

Wall hanging or cuff bracelet, you can listen to your sound when you want.

No special app, just focus with your device's camera.

Listen to Your Sound

The spectrum animation plays along with the sound, so you can see the detailed signal features that make your sound so unique.

This example is a dog's bark.

Customer Highlight

Wedding Song

We met while working together on an engineering project, quickly realizing we had many of the same deep passions, to include engineering and music, and each other, eventually marrying. The song played on the beach during our wedding remains our absolute favorite, so it was really exciting to find Sound Shadows. Not only did they create a beautiful sound art rendition of the song, SS customized it to match the color scheme used by the engineering software we used when we met. So awesome and unique!
- Angela E.

[ This piece is 60 inches wide! ]

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