Puerto Rican Coqui Frog Song Cuff Bracelet

Puerto Rican Coqui Frog Song Cuff Bracelet

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Puerto Rican Coqui Frog on a leaf, ready to sing

Puerto Rico's beloved Coqui frog's iconic song is captured in this Sound Shadow cuff bracelet. 

The design includes a matching QR tag. Most modern mobile phone cameras, or a common QR reader app, can be focused on it to play the Coqui song. The song's details are also captured in an audio analysis animation.


The Sound Shadow background color represents the night, when the Coqui is most active. It's brown skin color is reflected in the waveform, near the top of the image, which conveys how loudly the frogs are singing. The green, which represents the green, leafy environment this little frog calls how, captures each note and sound finger print, even as is has to pierce its way through all the other nocturnal background noise.

It's amazing such a small frog, at one to two inches, can make its voice carry so well.

For those familiar with this beautiful call, the image and video may even cue you to additional detail you may not have noticed before.

Cuff Bracelet Details:

  • High quality aluminum. Cuff can be gently bent to fit most wrist sizes.
  • Cuff dimensions: 6.75 x 1.5 inches.