Link-11 TADIL A

This work horse data signal has supported NATO for many years. Anyone who has worked with it will recognize the characteristic ping pong of this alligator. Someone recently pointed out:

"Who knew Link-11 would look like a bridge of sorts..."

Check out this image and spectral animation. We hope it brings back memories of working with great people.


A Sound Shadow image of a Link-11 TADIL data Signal. For true geeks 

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A Sound Shadow Tag optionally comes with the finished piece, so you can trigger it whenever you like. If you're on a PC, give it a "spin" by scanning it with your smart device.

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iOS: Focus camera on Tag; click browser link that pops up
Android: Focus camera on Tag; (you may have to hold down Home button for a few seconds; follow the "What's on my screen" prompts
Any QR Scanner App: Point and play
Detail Instructions:  
How to scan a Sound Shadow Tag.

Sound Shadow Tag for Link-11

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